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A taste of our 2015. Happy New Year!

It has been a very busy year here at AJM with a continuous throughput of both projects and general maintenance on a varied range of Alfas, the odd Lancia and a number of Fiat Dino’s. Here are a few pics of what’s currently in the workshop as we reach the end of 2015 and head into 2016.

These include the beautiful Fiat Dino 2000 Coupe we have just sourced for a discerning customer. We looked at a couple of rather more expensive examples on offer that were somewhat less than described before finding this car in Malta, flying over to inspect what turned out to be a lovely Dino that was just as the vendor had described.

Having agreed a price and the deal done the car was with us in the UK less than 2 weeks later and is now undergoing a thorough going over to ready her for use in 2016. Our on going 2000 Spider restoration project can also be seen in the background of these photos. The engine, carefully rebuilt in our workshops, ran for the first time in 8 years just a couple of weeks before Christmas following us taking this unfinished project, as a jigsaw of boxes, over about 18 months ago.

As always, the Alfetta GTV is the mainstay of our work and as can be seen there are a number of these in various stages of rebuild work in the workshop from a rear axle strip and overhaul to a complete restoration with body colour painted underside and 3.5 engine of another. A beautiful 2.5 litre engine can be seen in its fully restored engine bay on a standard specification car that is nearing the end of a comprehensive restoration, along with a 2.0 twin cam engine destined for a replica Group 2 Alfetta GTV.

Also present is a now very rare Giulietta 116 1.8 RS undergoing a full rebuild. In fact we currently have 2 of these cars in, the other recently purchased by a client from the cars original owner from new! This has just had a number of upgrades including a suspension kit, Ronal A1 wheels and our GTV6 brake upgrade kit with conversion to fit the 4 stud hubs.

The owner drove this car all the way from Northern Scotland for us to carry out the work as he didn’t trust anyone else to give the car the love it deserves.

Another very beautiful car we have had in the workshops this year was a 1963 Lancia Flaminia 2.8 3C convertible. This came in with a broken hood frame, failing on a weak point where a steel pin was fitted into the brass frame. We stripped the hood and through our network of specialist contacts had the frame correctly repaired, before refinishing in house. Before refitting the hood we carried out some small localised paint repairs to the body to repair damage caused by the frame when it failed, finally reassembling the hood and delivering the car back to her happy owner.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers past & present for their continued support and wish all you car nuts a very Happy New Year!

April 12, 2022
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