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Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6 3.0

Owned by the same gentleman since 1990 this old girl last saw the road in 1991! Since then she has been sat variously in dry garages or for the last 10 years or so a barn. Having always intended to undertake the restoration himself, following a number of years in the restoration trade, at age 60 he finally realised that if he ever wanted her to see the road again he was going to have to pass the job on to somebody else! Being quite a particular sort of chap and having waited so long, he wanted the most thorough job he could get but with some subtle mechanical upgrades while keeping a largely standard appearance to his car.

To that end, we have stripped her to the bare shell to uncover as much of the metal work as possible so we have the best chance of finding and erradicating any rustl. The shell is then fitted to our body tilter so we can get a detailed view of the underside. Fortunately, this car has somehow escaped having the usual large quantities of thick black bitumen based underseal applied, usually covering up & trapping moisture & rust so a good steam clean presented us with a shell ready to begin work. The next stage was to strip the exterior of paint to uncover any previous repairs or filler for assessment & then give the shell a light coating of red oxide primer to prevent the damp UK air from allowing any surface rust to set in while the body repairs are carried out.

While all this is going on we have supllied a 3.0 75 engine from our stock of spare units which has undergone a complete strip down & rebuild. A few modifications while it was in pieces will help liberate a few more ponies from the stable to make for a fast road spec engine. These include SZ higher compression pistons, with new liners. C&B fast road cams fitted to gas flowed cylinder heads with ported intake runners to match. When fitted this will be mated to the CSC tubular manifolds with a CSC straight through centre exhaust section and Ansa tail pipe unleashing that superb Alfa V6 noise.

The new engine will be mated to a rebuilt Alfa 75 T/S gearbox & LSD unit with a 75 3.0 clutch.

Further spec to be updated as we go. Watch this space!

October 4, 2022
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