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summer track days

Myself and some friends enjoyed a track day at Goodwood on July 19th. Wet weather was forecast, so “FEKR”, my 3-litre 75, was dusted off and pressed into action. Despite a few drops of rain, the track remained dry and I spent some time experimenting with the pressure in the car’s Toyo T1R Proxes tyres. 

I had been advised that these tyres were sensitive to changes in pressure and so it turned out to be. I eventually found a nice set-up that almost eliminated the understeer that the 75 is well-known to exhibit in medium speed corners such as Lavant.  

Next on the list is a track evening at Brands Hatch on August 1st which is organised by Retro Cars Magazine. Drivers’ briefing is a 4.30pm and the track is open between 5.30 and 8pm. This is a great event for drivers and fans of classic or retro cars. If anyone is interested in joining us, full details and booking information are on the MSV web site:

If you have never experienced Brands Hatch’s Paddock Hill bend at high speed, this, especially, is the event for you!

April 12, 2022
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